How ideas travel

There’s a lot of discussion about how inventive new ideas move, mate and multiply. Journalists should be interested in this topic because so much (particularly local) journalism is going to need to be re-engineered to work in a world in which digital dominates print. The best lab conditions for growing new schemes will matter a lot in the next few years.

The subject came up today at the Battle of Ideas conference panel on “journalism in jeopardy”. You can get a taste of the discussion from this post by my fellow panellist Charlie Beckett.

All of which is why this piece from Saturday’s Financial Times is a must-read. Steven Johnson is both a science writer and entrepreneur; he manages to make a sometimes elusive subject enjoyable. Best piece of ideas journalism I read this weekend.

(Johnson speaks at the LSE in London on Tuesday November 2nd at 6.30pm. Details here).


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