This blog: a quick instruction manual

Since this blog is resuming after a break, here’s a fast guide on how not only to find stuff in it but also related things about journalism that I’ve written or clipped.

Fast wheel

All the posts on this blog get tweeted from @georgeprof and linked on a static Facebook page. For me, Twitter is about link-sharing and I pass on and retweet links about journalism, media and, occasionally, daft fragments which catch my fancy. The most active piece of this blog is “What George is reading” (right-hand column) because that’s linked to what I clip in Delicious. Delicious has a chequered history and upsets its users on a regular basis; but how anyone writes a book today without it or its near equivalent I don’t know. Very few days go by without something new popping up in that slot. On a normal day there will be several new links.

Slow wheel

Besides 300 posts in the blog itself and a book (also to the right), there’s a lecture about the future of journalism on Scribd which is about to pass 20,000 views. Needless to say that does not mean that thousands of people have read the whole thing (it’s easy to imagine software of the near future which will allow writers to check who’s actually scrolling to the foot of a piece of writing). But since the lecture will pass its fourth birthday this spring, something must be sending readers (journalism students most likely) to it. There are also presentations on Slideshare (and you can get to them from LinkedIn).

I notice that some commentators have given up blogging because there are so many others platforms and networks on which to opine. But I’ve always needed to write to work out exactly what I think, so I find the format useful. More soon.




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