May 10

Bouncing Czechs

Much debate about new business models for journalism patronisingly assumes that all the interesting imagining, innovation and invention is going on in north-western Europe, Scandinavia and America. Not so. To see one of the most interesting experiments of all, you only have to swing the searchlight a short distance eastwards towards central Europe to light up what is going on in the Czech Republic.

I described the hyperlocal news publishing experiment known as Nase Adresa in a lecture (p11 or search “Czech” here). I’m delighted to see that its international ambassador Roman Gallo has been getting out and about with his message: here he’s in Canada.

Note a few significant things about this initiative:

1) It’s one of the very few of its kind which is backed by a big (and presumably hard-headed) company – in this case the Amsterdam-based insurance group PPF.

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