Oct 12

It’s tough out there in print

Within two minutes this morning and without need of any comment, these two tweets recording cuts made by major papers….

Gordon MacMillan@GordonMacMillan

Times closes monthly science & environment mag Eureka http://bit.ly/Pmm7sx  << Lost its largest advertisers /@BrandRepublic


Jul 11

The Times: the paywall puzzle

The Times reaches 100,000 digital subscribers and I’m still baffled by their online strategy. I ought to be better-placed than many to figure out what they’re up to (declaration: I used to work there). But it’s not easy.

This blog starts from the position that anything which promises a sustainable economic base for journalism is to be encouraged. Dogmatic assertions (“content wants to be free”, “content wants to be expensive”) which aim to shout down empirical experiments are to be discouraged. So any publisher adding to the sum of knowledge about what will or won’t work in charging is contributing. From that perspective, the Times announcement tells us a few things.
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