A little Shirky for the weekend

The anarchic variety of web-born information expands faster than we get meta-info to filter and navigate what is bountiful but often bewildering. Taste-making can’t be done by algorithm and so someone has to commit journalism for useful stuff to be created.

The Atlantic Wire has been asking well-primed pundits to download their favourite sources of information, news and wisdom (these categories don’t inavriably overlap). This week they reached Clay Shirky, already something of a guru-hero to this blog. I haven’t looked at an alarmingly-high number of his sources, so I’m going to spend at least part of the weekend (the part when it rains) checking them out.

Shirky, incidentally, has a new book out soon and will be in Britain for two days at the end of June to publicise. Appearance at the LSE details here. Piece based on the book from the Wall St Journal here.


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