Is news over?

That inaugural lecture in full. A post tomorrow on the experience of having a 40-minute lecture twittered and tweeted. The video is here.


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  1. Yes, traditional journalism is in crisis, but the most creative aspect of this is that for the average citizen it is a very wonderful state of flux in which sources for news are not only multimedia but also globally derived, eg I can find out what the Arab street is thinking not by reading about it in the Guardian, but by logging on to Al Jazeera’s website and having a hundred reactions to Joe Biden’s rapping Netanyahu on the knuckles for settlement building in East Jerusalem which have a non-Western perspective, enriching our understanding of issues by providing multiple perspectives.

    As a consumer of news, I am in a wonderful state of cornucopia of sources and perspectives and I’m loving it. I’m confident of being my own gatekeeper or filtration expert of what’s valuable and just. This new state of flux is very empowering to citizens and is I believe one of the main reasons making possible the election of the first Black President of the US, Barack Obama. Without alternative web-based media his election would not have been possible and the Cairo speech of rapprochement with the Muslim world would not have marked the historic shift in American foreign policy that it has done.