George Brock

I’m Professor of Journalism at City University London and started there in 2009 (I was Head of Journalism 2009-14). I previously worked as a writer and editor for The Times (of London) for more than 20 years and before that as a reporter for for The Observer. I’m on the board of the International Press Institute (and chair the IPI British committee). I’m a trustee of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and member of the editorial advisory committee of The Conversation UK. More career details here.

This blog hopes to carry opinions, links, discussions, reflections and comments about journalism at a moment when changes in technology have brought it to an inflection point. Anyone looking for a general summary of my outlook and views of what journalism is and should be can start here.

I’m on  Twitter (@georgeprof), LinkedIn and Slideshare (georgeprof). Posts from this blog go automatically to Twitter and to a Facebook page.

Information on City University’s Graduate School of Journalism here.

Grateful thanks for help with this blog go to Chris Brauer, Marcus Gilroy-Ware, Nick Henebry and Justin Wayne.